Orthian is all about empowering organizations, especially startups, to build strong digital footprints in the competitive landscape out there.

As a trusted strategic partner, we fuel growth and help startups navigate the digital realm, ensuring their goal achievement with lasting impact in their industries.

We embarked on our journey with the innovation in DNA.

April 2022

Crafting the Orthian Legacy

Rooted in our background as a technology-driven entity, we deeply empathized with the challenges and tribulations businesses often grapple with at inception. The vision was clear - to be the beacon of support and innovation.

Hence, the genesis of Orthian. It wasn't just a product studio concept; it was a manifestation of our pledge to assist startups and businesses in their transformative journeys. We officially christened it 'Orthian', symbolizing our aim to be the northern star in the tech-consultancy realm.

November 2022


The end of the year brought forth another gem from our treasure trove - Glowee. We soft-launched this promising project with an ambition to create ripples in the market.

Beyond just a launch, Glowee epitomized our commitment to out-of-the-box thinking and our continuous push to bring innovative solutions to the table.

December 2022

Finalist in Antler Program

In an exciting twist early in our journey, we managed to carve our name as finalists in the globally recognized Antler program. This wasn't just an accolade; it served as validation of our hard work, dedication, and forward-thinking approach.

The journey towards this achievement was dotted with challenges, but our unwavering spirit and perseverance led to this proud moment. It also laid down a foundational marker for our future endeavors.

February 2023

A Collaborative Future

A recurring narrative was evident: several business owners floundered when attempting to embed digital technology into their operations. Sensing the collective pulse, our Board of Directors decided to pivot - not just to provide solutions but to actively collaborate.

The outcome was magnificent. We not only addressed these challenges but forged robust IT partnerships with some of the industry's most illustrious organizations. The future, undoubtedly, seems collaborative and promising!

March 2023

Orthian's Maiden Engagements

The new year was in its infancy when Orthian took a monumental leap - we onboarded our first set of customers, offering them avant-garde digital solutions.

This wasn't just a business step. We delved deep, revitalizing outdated or traditional business models. Our forte? Leveraging cutting-edge digital and information technology to breathe fresh life into these enterprises.



Problem-solving drives us to discover a "better way." Innovation is our foundation, inspiring transformative solutions for growth and efficiency.


Trust is paramount. We're transparent, accountable, and prioritize integrity, all in line with our belief that strong relationships are built on this foundation.


Challenges are growth opportunities. By pushing limits, we improve continuously, setting an example for clients to achieve their potential.


We foster childlike curiosity, constantly expanding knowledge to lead in emerging technologies and trends. This curiosity fuels innovation in our solutions.


Challenges are met with positivity, focusing on possibilities. Our optimism guides us through obstacles to find creative solutions for client success.

Meet our team

Tri Pham

Chief Execution Officer

Tri Pham

Son Nguyen

Chief Growth Officer

Son Nguyen

Hai Le

Chief Technology Officer

Hai Le

Hai To

Chief Product Officer

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